Setting up GoPay in Game Officials

One the most asked questions is how do I get paid for the games I work for GLASA. GLASA pays it’s Referee through the GoPay service offered through Game Officials. Once you have your GLASA Game Officials account set up be sure to complete the GoPay section to have your pay either auto deposited to your bank account or you can have a check mailed to you. The following video will take you through the setup process if you have any questions.

Joining GLASA GameOfficials

  1. Launch your favorite browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login
  4. Change Identity to “Official” if required
  5. Click “My Assignors” in the Personal Info section on upper left hand side of page
  6. Click “Show” in the “Join New Group” section
  7. Enter “1335” in the Group/Assignor Number textbox
  8. Enter “0113” in the Group Access Code textbox
  9. Click “Join Group” button

Once you are part of Group, make sure to update your SSN. This is a requirement to work in GLASA.

Also, make sure you setup and configure GoPay.  For instructions, click here.