CalendarThe first week of assigning is complete.  We had some hiccups with understanding availability report and misassigned some officials.  Some people were assigned games when they marked themselves unavailable, and for that we appologize.  I think we have everything figured out.

Assignments will be published Monday for the following Saturday, at the latest.  Our assignors are starting to already work on the schedules and may assign out as far as 30 days.  So it is important to get your availability in, and maintain it.  If you mark yourself as available and you no longer are available before you get a game, you can change your availability.  If you already have a game and there is lots of time before the game, just let your assignor know and they will work with you.

A really cool feature of Game Officials is listing a GLASA team as a conflict.  If you go into your Preferences, click on new Team Conflict.  Go through the list of GLASA teams and find the team you play on.  Pick the age and gender and put a note in saying that you play on that team, or coach.  Game Officials will AUTOMATICALLY block your availabilty for when that team plays.  Note:  This only works for GLASA teams.  If you play for a classic league team or outside of GLASA, this won’t work.

Keep telling us when you want to work.  If all available referees are assigned games and you do not have your time blocked, assignors may assign you to a game.  If you are not available, just let the assignor know.  If you can work the game, accept it but also update your availabilty so we know when else you are available.

See everyone on the pitch!

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  1. Redcard says:

    On Saturday’s, games start at 8:00 AM. If you put availability to start at 9:00 AM, you will likely be assigned games that start at 8:00 AM.

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