Are you coming to the All Referee Clinic?

Really?  Why not join us and get the training you need to improve your referee skills.

Did you watch the World Cup?   There are incidents you saw that referees at that level deal with differently than we would at the youth recreational or competitive level?

Sign up on GameOfficials –

Log in, Select Referee Courses, then  Course # 9724 – 2015 All Referee Clinic – Grade 8 & 9 Sign Up


Start time:  10AM  Done by:  4PM

Note the following:

THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL CLINIC. Only current Grade 8 & 9 referees may sign up here to attend the July 19, 2014 All Referee clinic. No Fee is required. This clinic satisfies the five hour training requirement for 2015 recertification. Dress for the clinic is min. collared polo shirt w/slacks. No shorts, jeans, t-shirts or warm-ups. Lunch is on your own from 12-1pm. If you don’t have noontime transportation bring your lunch.

2015 Registration, payment and testing for annual re-certification is done online after the clinic through GameOfficials -  Courses for recertification will open on or before 7/23/14.


CalendarThe first week of assigning is complete.  We had some hiccups with understanding availability report and misassigned some officials.  Some people were assigned games when they marked themselves unavailable, and for that we appologize.  I think we have everything figured out.

Assignments will be published Monday for the following Saturday, at the latest.  Our assignors are starting to already work on the schedules and may assign out as far as 30 days.  So it is important to get your availability in, and maintain it.  If you mark yourself as available and you no longer are available before you get a game, you can change your availability.  If you already have a game and there is lots of time before the game, just let your assignor know and they will work with you.

A really cool feature of Game Officials is listing a GLASA team as a conflict.  If you go into your Preferences, click on new Team Conflict.  Go through the list of GLASA teams and find the team you play on.  Pick the age and gender and put a note in saying that you play on that team, or coach.  Game Officials will AUTOMATICALLY block your availabilty for when that team plays.  Note:  This only works for GLASA teams.  If you play for a classic league team or outside of GLASA, this won’t work.

Keep telling us when you want to work.  If all available referees are assigned games and you do not have your time blocked, assignors may assign you to a game.  If you are not available, just let the assignor know.  If you can work the game, accept it but also update your availabilty so we know when else you are available.

See everyone on the pitch!

Get Your Bag Ready!

GearIt’s almost game time!  Get your bag ready!

  • Referee Uniform (with mostly black shoes)
  • Badge
  • Whistle
  • Flags
  • Referee Wallet
  • Pencils, Pens, and Paper for keeping score, writing reports
  • Wrist watches
  • Alternate jerseys, extra socks
  • Sunblock
  • Water for game day

Check the weather before you come out and be prepare for the forecast.  It looks like this weekend Sunblock will be in order.


Joining GLASA GameOfficials

  1. Launch your favorite browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login
  4. Change Identity to “Official” if required
  5. Click “My Assignors” in the Personal Info section on upper left hand side of page
  6. Click “Show” in the “Join New Group” section
  7. Enter “1335″ in the Group/Assignor Number textbox
  8. Enter “0113″ in the Group Access Code textbox
  9. Click “Join Group” button

Once you are part of Group, make sure to update your SSN. This is a requirement to work in GLASA.

Also, make sure you setup and configure GoPay.  For instructions, click here.

Spring 2014 Season Dates

CalendarGLASA (U4 – U14) : 2/15/2014 – 5/8/2014

EAL (Elite Academy League) : 2/15/2014 – 5/8/2014

NMCSL (U15 – U19) : 3/22/2014 – 5/8/2014

Spring Break is 3/10/2014 – 3/14/2014. GLASA will play the weekend before spring break (3/8/2014 & 3/9/2014)

Pre-season meetings

It always seems there is more people than the room can hold.  Also, there is specific information for each complex, new referees, EAL, Northern Mid-Cities, etc.  So we are going to try and seperate the meetings to better focus them.

If you PRIMARILY work at Unity or Bakersfield, we will have an IFK preseason meeting on Monday, January 27th starting at 630pm and not going past 830pm.  Continue reading

GoPay Setup Instructions

  1. Launch your favorite browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login
  4. Click My Payments
  5. User Agreement
    1. Click Show User Agreement
    2. Enter User Agreement information and click “I Agree”
  6. Add Pay Method
    1. Click Add New Pay Method
    2. Select Payment Method, enter requested information and click “Continue”
  7. Configure Automatic Pay Preferences
    1. Click Change Preferences
    2. Select Pay Preference and click “Save Preferences”

Click here to download GoPay Setup Instructions PDF

Spring 2014 Season Changes

Happy 2014 everyone!

Looks like this internet thing isn’t just a flash in the pan fad, so we are working toward embracing it with a bunch of changes!  We are talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, assigning, assignors and more!

For those of you over the age of 20 and still use Facebook, we do have a GLASA referee page from a few years back.  The hope is to start posting some more information on there.  Continue reading